Donate Eye
" Even though we cannot live forever, let our eyes live and give sight for the needy ! "
The campaign was conducted to increase the Awareness of Eye Donation among the public. This is in-line with our efforts to spread the message among the people of the Importance of eyes and Importance of eye donation, done after death. Lots of eyes are getting wasted, either through burial of the dead body or through burning. Instead of this, eyes can be donated so that a Corneally-blind person can get vision and will be able to see this beautiful world through YOUR eyes! Each PAIR of eyes donated gives vision to TWO Corneally-blind persons!!
"Light up the darkness in life. enable blind to see this beautiful world, through your eyes !
Pledge & donate your eyes , gift Your sight - make it your wish"
1.8 Million Corneal Blind In India, out of which 1 Million are Children 8-9 million deaths occur in India every year and only 20,000 eyes were donated?
Causes of Corneal blindness
Complications following eye surgery
Don’t burn or bury your eyes One Eye Donation means SIGHT to two needy persons.
Anyone can be an Eye Donor
People of any age
Spectacle users
Eye surgery patients
Diabetics, Hypertensives
Eye Donation – the only cost is a little ‘love’
What can you do to help us?
You as an Individual
As a responsible family
As a member of Society
As conscious Corporate Citizen
Removal of eyes takes only 20 minutes Does not delay funeral arrangements or disfigure
the face Eyes can be removed within 6-8 hours of time of death
A Few Precautions
Do Switch off the fans
Do keep air conditioners / cooler running
Do place wet cotton with ice over the closed eyelids
Simple Process
The Eye Bank personnel with a doctor or trained technician visits the donor home, the donor need not be taken to the eye bank.
The eyes are removed by trained person using sterile procedure, leaves no scar or disfigurement of the face
10cc of blood sample is collected from donor for testing AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, Rabies, septicemia, leukemia or any other infectious diseases.
On reaching the eye bank tissues are examined, processed and used for corneal transplant operation as early as possible.
he need patients are contacted in accordance with waiting list at the eye bank.
The donated eyes are never bought or sold.The recipient of cornea will always remain anonymous but donor
family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore vision of two blind persons.
Eye Donation Taboos
Lack of awareness
Fear of disfigurement
Apathy / Forgetfulness
Lack of favorable legislations
What is an Eye bank
Is a Community non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to restoring sight to those who are blind or visually impaired through the promotion and advancement of Eye donation.
To produce quality tissue
To screen eyes as per eye bank standards.
To evaluate the tissue.
To test for HIV, Hepatitis.
To eliminate waiting list.
Eyes are beautiful Will you share?
" What we saw was wonderful, what we see now is yet wonderful, what
yet to seen will be more wonderful Vision is a gift Donate eyes Live long..EYE DONATION
Wish u a happy healthy life Close your eyes and try 2 see the world
Nothing you find rather than Darkness Try to share the world of blindness "